Villamil on Isla Isabela

Villamil on Isla Isabela may not by the most exciting town in the Galapagos. But, by chance, we seemed to be visiting on the town’s most exciting day! We were woken by a procession through the streets. Throughout the day, people gathered in the town square to ride horses, sell street food, and set up an outdoor concert. When we asked what was going on, we were told that it was the feast of Saint Isabela herself.



Things To Do in Villamil on Isla Isabela


While Puerto Ayora has a spectacular jetty swarming with animals, Villamil’s jetty is disappointing. Though it is a nice place to watch the sunset in the evenings. And we did see some adorable tiny penguins having a swim.


The jetty at Villamil on Isla Isabela

The jetty on Isabela island


Villamil is slightly more expensive than Puerto Ayora for accommodation and food. If you’re trying to cut costs, self-catering is a good option. Though remember to bring your food with you as supermarkets are also more expensive, with less selection. Though remember that it is illegal to bring any fresh food, such as fruit or vegetables, into the Galapagos islands.


If you do want to eat out on the cheap, look for set lunch menus. These usually consist or rice, beans, and chicken or fish, and are relatively cheap compared to pricey restaurant meals.


There is a tortoise breeding centre just 1km from the town. Here, you can see giant tortoises and iguanas. Similar centres exist on Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. These centres are successfully increasing the numbers of giant tortoises after invasive species and loss of habitat threatened their survival. The walk to the centre takes in some nice views, and if you’re lucky you may see flamingos and other wildlife.


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