Colonia del Sacramento- Yes, It’s Pretty, But What Is There To Do?

I thought I’d managed to escape London weather, but the grey skies and rain found me in Colonia del Sacramento, my first stop in Uruguay. I had no choice but to wait it out in my hostel, in which I was the sole occupant, camera at the ready to burst out and photograph this pretty town that so many people had recommended. I thankfully didn’t have to wait long before heading out, bundled up against the damp, and making my way down to the sea.
The sky was disappointingly grey, but it was still a pleasant walk along the shore, before climbing up the old fort, and continuing on past the microscopic beach and converted lighthouse.


Having looped around most of Colonia’s little peninsula, I turned inland, and walked through quaint, narrow streets, with old buildings and cobblestones, which broadened every now and then into green plazas. It was every bit as pretty as I’d heard, and I enjoyed my little stroll along the cobblestones (maybe it’s just me, but it’s impossible to not be content walking on cobblestones).



Before I realised it, I was back where I’d started. Walking around the entire town had taken just an hour or two, and I now found myself back at my hostel contemplating what to do next. Many visitors rent motorbikes or golf carts to explore the area, but I got the impression there wasn’t much to see beyond what could be seen on foot. There were a few small museums, but I tend not to be interested in museums unless they contain mummies or dinosaurs. My question was answered when the sun broke through the clouds and the sky turned to a much more photogenic blue.



... And after

… And after

So I did the walk again, past the shore, the fort, the beach, the lighthouse, the plazas and the quaint little streets with the adorable cobblestones. I decided to stop looking for things to do, and instead just enjoy the peace and quiet. Nobody seemed to be in a rush, and the few cars there were even stopped to let me cross the road. After a month in manic Buenos Aires, a peaceful, quiet break was just what I needed. Though I took back this sentiment when I went out that evening to find the few existing pubs devoid of life. So after a quick bite it was back to my hostel for an early night, via one last stroll along the cobblestones.

Seriously, is it just me?

Seriously, is it just me?

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