Step Two: Figuring Out What, Where, and When

Once my partner Adam and I had made the decision to take off on a big trip, the next step was to figure out when we would set off, where we would go, and what the hell we would do when we got there.

Figuring out what to do turned out to be the easy bit. I had always been passionate about travel writing and photography, and now seemed like the perfect chance to pursue it full time. Adam, meanwhile was keen to turn documentary filmmaking into a permanent freelance job. And so we would become a writing, photographing, filming duo.

The next stage was to figure out where to go. The options seemed limitless. Should we go back to somewhere we loved, like Nepal, and spend the year living there? Or take the opportunity to go somewhere we’d always wanted to, like Southern Africa? Or take advantage of the round the world flight deals to finally tick Australia and New Zealand off our list? We eventually decided on a combination of all of the above, and slowly began to piece together a plan.

The most difficult question of all was “when?”. I was keen to leave straight away, but Adam still had a lot that he wanted to achieve at his job before going freelance. Finding an ideal time to pack up your life and take off is extremely difficult. Syncing this with a second person is almost impossible. I eventually made the decision to take a solo trip first, hoping that, by the time I returned, Adam would be ready to go. Of course, he wasn’t. Like I said, these things rarely sync up smoothly. But, after I returned home, I began working at a temporary job for a few months, and we finally chose a date to set off.

Career can often be the biggest barrier to travel. We had spoken about taking a big trip a few times in the previous years, but it had always been postponed, whether it was because one of us was starting a new job, or climbing the career ladder at our current jobs. But we were always sure that the big trip was on the horizon. Eventually we realised that, in order for it to happen, we needed to prioritise our travel dream above all the things we would be leaving behind. And now that the what, where and when has finally been decided upon, all that’s left is the daunting task of planning a year round the world.

2 comments on “Step Two: Figuring Out What, Where, and When”

  1. Julie Smith says:

    Congrats on taking the plunge! What an adventure. Best of luck as you wrap up everything this month.

    1. ailishcasey says:

      Thanks! There’s a lot to wrap up but I can’t wait to head off travelling again.

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