Tubing in Palomino

There’s not much to do in the sleepy town of Palomino, except to relax in a hammock or lie on the beach. But for those looking to be a bit more active, you could always try tubing in Palomino…

How To Go Tubing in Palomino

Almost every hostel can arrange for someone to take you to the start of the tubing trail. The cost, including transport and tube rental, is around COP20,000 (though we bargained this down to COP15,000). Tubing in Palomino can only be done on days when the river is high enough.


Once Adam and I had paid up, we perched on the back of motorbikes, balancing our giant tubes, and were driven to the start of the trail. The journey took around 20 minutes. (throughout which I was convinced I would drop the tube and it would go bouncing down the road).


Palomino beach

Palomino beach


The motorbikes dropped us off, and we started walking along the trail. After 20 minutes we reached the first entrance point for the river. Though we decided to keep walking another 40 minutes to reach the next entrance point.


I regretted it instantly. The trail led steeply up a mountain before descending again, and the heat, lack of water, and giant tube, made for a difficult journey.


The second entry point is located to the right of the trail, just before the trail veers uphill again.

On the beach before tubing in Palomino

On the beach at Palomino


We jumped into the refreshingly cold water. I was glad to let the tube carry me for a change. And we were off!


We bounced along some fun rapids, beaching ourselves on big rocks and being tossed around by the water. The river then calmed down and took us through pretty jungle surroundings. It was such a relaxing way to see the area, and when the sun got too hot, we just tipped our tubes over and splashed into the water.

I enjoyed the first hour or so of tubing in Palomino. Bouncing around the rapids and floating through the scenery was pretty nice. But after the second and then the third hour, the river seemed endless, and we were still nowhere near the beach. There was no shade and I started to burn in the sun. And the river was becoming increasingly shallow to the point where we had to pick up our tubes and walk through the water.


By the time we reached the bridge we were glad to see a couple of motorbikes waiting. We happily paid COP5,000 for them to take us both back to our hostel. (we were told that carrying along the river to the beach and then walking back as planned would take us another hour.


Would I recommend tubing in Palomino? Absolutely. Just be sure you’re well protected from the sun and have nowhere to be for the rest of the day!

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