How To Take the Medellín Cable Car

Described as “the cheapest sightseeing tour in the world”, taking the Medellin cable car is a great way to see the city from above, as well as to visit Arví Park. Here’s how you can do this trip…


View of Medellin Colombia from the Medellin cable car

Medellin from above


Taking the Medellin Cable Car


To reach the metrocable, take Line A to Acevedo, then change for Line K, which is the cable car route. The metrocable line has four stops, and terminates in Santa Domingo. You can use your metro card for this part of the journey, and it costs 1400 pesos ($0.50).


Once you reach Santa Domingo, you can take the tourist cable car to the top of the hill. It costs COP4,800 ($1.70) each way, and only has one stop.


On a clear day, the cable car takes in a great view of the massive city of Medellín, as well as close-up views of the comuna below.


Medellin comuna on hillside

View from the metrocable


The Medellin cable car

The Medellin cable car


Once we reached Arví Park, at the top of the hill, we picked up a map from the information desk. The map is a bit unclear, but the area is pretty easy to navigate. Free buses run between the cable car entrance and Parque Ecologico Piedras Blancas. Hiking trails are also available, but you must take a guide.


We opted to go to Parque Ecologico, and took the colourful bus to the entrance. At the gate, you must pay a COP5,000 ($1.75) entrance fee. If you want to visit the Museo Entomológico (insect museum), you must pay an extra COP7,000 ($2.50), and this can only be paid at the main entrance to the park. The Mariposeria (butterfly house) costs an additional COP7,000 ($2.50), and this can be paid at the park entrance or at the restaurant next to the mariposeria.

As the weather had turned a bit gloomy, we skipped the butterfly house (the staff very honestly told us there would be no point, as the butterflies are inactive in cold or wet weather). If you do manage to go, the mariposeria is open from 9am to 4pm, and the best time for butterfly activity is 10am to 2:30pm.


We did take in a visit to the Insect Museum though, and it’s way more interesting than it sounds! The single room hosts a massive collection of massive bugs, unlike any I’ve seen before. There are also glass tanks with live bugs such as stick insects and tarantulas.


Insects on boards in insect museum

Museo Entomológico


Large flying beetle in insect museum

A big bug!


Between taking the cable car, getting to the park, visiting the museum, and strolling around the park grounds, the day passed surprisingly quickly. We didn’t have time for much else (it is not safe to be in this area after dark). So we took the cable car back down the hillside, just as the sun was setting over Medellín.



Night view of Medellin from Medellin cable car

Medellín by night


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