How-to: Three Waterfalls Hike in Boquete

The Three Waterfalls hike (Las Tres Cascadas) is a scenic trail just outside of Boquete, Panama, that takes you through pretty mountain woodland to reach (you guessed it) three waterfalls.

How to do the Three Waterfalls Hike

Buses run approximately every half hour between the start of the trail and the town of Boquete. They depart from Calle la Sur, one block from the main square. The journey takes 30 minutes and costs $2.50. You should have no problem flagging down a bus on the road after the trek.


Wooden bridge over river in Three Waterfalls hike, Boquete

The bridge at the start of the trail


Visitors must pay an entrance fee of $7 at the start of the trail, where you can also pick up some drinks or snacks. Be sure to bring plenty of water for the trail, as well as an umbrella or rain jacket.


trail leading into woodland beside river, three waterfalls hike, boquete

The trail


The trail takes an hour and a half each way, and is fairly easy to hike, aside from a few steep sections where you must pull yourself up by a rope. The trail is fairly muddy however, so be careful not to slip. The temperature is mild and there’s a cool breeze- a literal breath of fresh air compared to the rest of Panama.


Girl climbing up Three Waterfalls hiking trail, in woodland, Boquete

A steep section of the trail

The first two waterfalls are along the main trail, and trekkers can swim in the chilly water beneath these falls (though we were content to just paddle!).


Waterfall in woodland, Three Waterfalls hike, Boquete

The first waterfall


The third waterfall is accessed via a short side trail, and is an impressive cascade of water falling into a valley far below.


Waterfall with viewing platform, three waterfalls hike, boquete

The final waterfall


Overall, the Three Waterfalls hike made a nice break from the hot and humid rainforest treks of Central America, and I fully recommend including it on a Panama trip.


Girl on cliff edge in woodland, Three Waterfalls hike, Boquete

Celebrating the end of the trail


Looking for a Panama trek with a more rainforest feel? Then check out Soberania Park, just a short distance from Panama City.

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