Macaw Mountain, Honduras

Just outside the town of Copán Ruinas, in southwestern Honduras, lies the bird refuge of Macaw mountain. I’d heard that it housed a wide array of beautiful macaws, toucans, and more, but I wasn’t prepared for such a close encounter…


A colourful toucan

A colourful toucan


After our visit to the Copan ruins, Adam and I took a tuk-tuk to the nearby Macaw Mountain. On arrival, we were greeted by a fat green parrot, as well as a human who took our entrance fee and gave us a map of the area.


Macaw Mountain is a wonderful project that rescues and houses birds. Some of these creatures can no longer be cared for by their owners, others were rescued from the illegal pet trade. All of these birds are housed in large enclosures, where they are rehabilitated and, if possible, rereleased into the wild. Macaw Mountain has released several scarlet macaws to the nearby Copan ruins, where they are thriving and breeding.


A scarlet macaw

A scarlet macaw


During our visit, we got to see a massive range of parrots, parakeets (tiny parrots), and parrotlets (teeny tiny parrots), as well as toucans, owls, and more. Visitors can walk through some of the enclosures that house scarlet macaws and toucans, getting up close to these magnificent birds.


Parakeet in enclosure at macaw mountain, honduras

A little parakeet


Each enclosure features a description of its inhabitants in both Spanish and English. There are also several boards offering information of the wonderful rehabilitation work that Macaw Mountain does. Many of the birds have had their wings clipped, but these feathers can be regrown. Once these birds are able to fly again, many will be released into the wild.


Owl in enclosure at macaw mountain

An owl giving us some side-eye


The trail leads in one direction throughout the park. Towards the end of the trail is a cafe, where we sat and had a tasty local coffee. There’s also a swimming hole- we lamented not bringing our swimsuits, as a refreshing dip would have been so nice in the heat!

The highlight of the park comes towards the end, where several colourful macaws and toucans, as well as an unbelievably cute baby owl, roam freely. Here, we got to have our photo taken with these beautiful creatures!


Woman holding blue, green, and scarlet macaws

Me with the awesome collection of macaws


Man holding blue and green macaws

Adam looking a little nervous

How to Visit Macaw Mountain


Macaw Mountain lies three kilometres from the town of Copan Ruinas, and can be reached by tuk-tuk (L20/ $0.90) or on foot. The entrance fee is a little steep at L220/ $10, but totally worth it!


The entire park takes a couple of hours to explore, and can easily be combined in a day with a visit to Copan Ruins.


Baby owl portrait

The cutest and fluffiest owl ever!

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  1. Bertha Montoya says:

    Beutiful place indeed. The entrance fee ticket is valid for 3 consecutive days.

    1. says:

      That’s great to hear- if we’d had another day in Copan I definitely would have gone back 🙂

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