Taking the Flores- Belize Shuttle (Collaborative Post with GuateGo)

After visiting the incredible ruins of Tikal, our next stop was a slice of Caribbean living in Caye Caulker, Belize. I researched how to travel independently from Flores (the gateway town to Tikal) to Belize City. But after learning it would take several hours longer and only save us a dollar or two, this independent traveller sold out and booked the Belize shuttle. Here’s how to go independently or via shuttle…


Getting from Flores to Belize Independently

Travelling from the town of Flores involves several different modes of transport. Firstly, you must get to the bus station in Santa Elena, a five minute auto-rickshaw ride from Flores. There, you can board a bus to the Belize border, cross the border on foot, and board an onward bus to Belize City. If, like us, you are trying to get the ferry to Caye Caulker, you must take a taxi from the bus station to the ferry port (it’s a short distance, but not a safe area).


While the chicken buses to and from the border may be cheaper than the Belize shuttle, the added taxi journeys to and from the bus stations would have bumped the expense up. We had been told that doing the journey independently can cost US$20 overall, just a fraction cheaper than the Belize shuttle. So, all in all, going independently just didn’t seem worth it!


Stepped pyramid at the plaza of the seven temples, tikal ruins

The amazing Tikal ruins


Taking the Belize Shuttle

The Belize shuttle leaves Flores at either 5 or 7 am. We booked the 5am shuttle, in order to beat the queues at the border (though it didn’t leave until 5:30!). The shuttle picks passengers up throughout Flores, before heading to Belize. Several companies offer shuttles, and ours cost Q160 (US$21).


When we reached the border, a man got on the shuttle to change money. He offered good rates, so we changed the last of our Quetzals. I’m glad we did, as there didn’t seem to be a place to change money after we crossed into Belize.


The border crossing was very straightforward. We got stamped out of Guatemala and then into Belize in no time at all! We waited a few minutes for our bus to pick us up on the other side of the border (and grabbed some burritos from a nearby stall).


The shuttle dropped us at the ferry port to Caye Caulker (you can also request to be dropped elsewhere in the city). The entire journey took just five hours overall, and we were able to get the 11am ferry to Caye Caulker. Before we knew it, we were relaxing in our new destination!


Caye Caulker, Belize shuttle

The awesome island of Caye Caulker


Summary of the Belize Shuttle

Overall, I’d definitely recommend taking the shuttle from Flores to Belize, rather than going independently. The Belize shuttle is hassle free, picks you up and drops you off wherever you choose, and takes just five hours. And at US$21, it’s just a teeny bit more than the overall cost of the independent trip. Definitely the way to go!


Booking with GuateGo

You can now book your transportation in Guatemala and Belize online in advance with GuateGo to ensure your seats. They have painstakingly brought together all of the transport and tour options in one easy-to-use website. It’s the only website to offer this service and to have this many routes and options. You can book all the main destinations in Belize, starting from the airport in Belize to the water taxi station to connect to Caye Caulker, Caye Ambergris, Chetumal, or book ground shuttles to San Ignacio or Palencia. Also, you can connect Belize City with practically every destination in Guatemala (Flores, Lanquin, Antigua, Atitlan). Or you can start at Guatemala Airport and book to any place in Guatemala or Belize. You can choose what kind of transport you want to use (shuttle, coach, water taxi, luxury bus, pirvate transport or plan). They have all the main transport in the website.


How to Pre-book

When booking, be sure to check From: your origin To: your destination. Then select how many tickets you want, and your dates. Note: Every shuttle will wait 20 to 30 minutes for you to come out of the airport. They will be holding a sign with your name on, so make sure you look out for it! If you pick any destination other than the airport, they will pick you up in your hotel. For coach, luxury bus and water taxis, you must get to the station. Make sure you don’t forget to book your return journey, too.

To book your journey with GuateGo, click here.

Looking for information about visiting Tikal? Click here for a guide.




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  1. hugues says:

    thank you for your information Can you tell me the name of belize shuttle Cordialy

    1. ailish_kc@hotmail.com says:

      I can’t remember the name of the one we used, but there are several operators in Flores, so you should have no problem finding a shuttle 🙂

  2. hugues says:

    thank you 🙂

  3. dan says:

    thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Also, if you’re looking for Belize shuttle to Flores or Tikal from Belize City or the Airport I’d highly recommend BASS (Belize Airport Shuttle Servicee) they provide great private and shared shuttle service to both destination from within Belize. You can contact them through their website at http://www.belizeairportshuttleservice.com and get all the details as they travel different times.

  5. Jenny says:

    Thanks very much for the information. I am just wondering how you booked your shuttle please? I’ve found a few companies online but they seem to say no buses that day every day!
    Many thanks

    1. ailish_kc@hotmail.com says:

      We we directed to a shuttle company by our hostel the day before we wanted to travel. Once you’re in Flores it should be no problem to book. Have fun!

  6. Jordan says:

    Hi, can you please tell me the name of the hostel/bar in the picture in caye caulker

    1. ailish_kc@hotmail.com says:

      It was the Lazy Lizard- I highly recommend it!

  7. Jacquie McMaster says:

    Please let us know if the information (and link) you have posted is still current. And if you have heard back from anyone who took the shuttles in the not too distant past. We are seniors and will have traveled from Chetumal to Belize around Dec 29, 2019. Do you know if the shuttles have normal schedules between Dec 30 – Jan 2. Thanks in advance.

  8. Jean-Pierre Lamothe says:

    someone know about the shuffle from belize to guatemala city

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