Honduras Trip Budget: Costs & Tips

Honduras was one of the most underrated countries we visited in Central America. There are so many great things to do, the people are wonderfully friendly, and it’s far from the tourist-centric cities that exist in the surrounding countries. Best of all, Honduras is unbelievably cheap.Here’s my Honduras trip budget, and tips for keeping down the costs.


The currency in Honduras is the Lempira, though US dollars are accepted for most accommodation, long distance trips, and activities such as scuba diving. The exchange rate is roughly L23 to US$1.


Honduran woman with headdress on float during La Ceiba Carnival

The epic La Ceiba Carnival in Honduras


Honduras Accommodation

We found a hostel in La Ceiba for just US$5, and a private room in Copan Ruinas for US$6.50 each. Accommodation in Utila is a little pricier at US$8-10, though we got it for free with our diving course.


Diving in Utila, Honduras trip budget

Diving in Utila, Honduras


Honduras Transport

Buses are a cheap way to travel throughout Honduras, though these are usually uncomfortable chicken buses. Expect to pay roughly L30 (US$1.30) per hour of travel. Click here to read how to get from Honduas to El Salvador by public bus.


Hitch hiking is common in Honduras, especially in areas without local buses. We hitch hiked a few times to get around, with no problems (though obviously there are risks involved no matter where you are).


Honduras Food & Drink

I would happily eat baleadas, the ubiquitous street snack throughout Honduras, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These are flour tortillas filled with refried beans and cheese, and cost just L13 (US$0.47).


We mostly picked up cheap groceries and cooked for ourselves in La Ceiba. In Utila, we ate out most nights, for L100-200 (US$4-8). Local beers cost just L20-25 (approx US$1) throughout Honduras.


Baleada on a white plastic plate

A baleada- one of many!


Honduras Activities & Entrance Fees

Though Honduras was one of the cheapest countries we visited, it was also where we paid for one of our most expensive activities- scuba diving. We paid US$289 for an advanced PADI diving course, with two free fun dives and four nights’ free accommodation. Click here to read about finding a scuba diving course in Utila, Honduras.


Other than scuba diving, our main activities were exploring the Copan Ruins (entrance L180/ US$15), visiting Macaw Mountain (entrance L120/ US$10), and attending the awesome La Ceiba carnival (free to enter).


At Macaw Mountain

At Macaw Mountain


Honduras Total

All in all, we spent L14,000 (US$611) in 16 days, which works out at L875 (US$38) per day. While this figure is surprisingly over-budget, this is largely due to the expense of our scuba diving course (US$289). Without scuba diving, our trip here would have cost just L7,420 (US$322), or L463 (US$20) per day. Though, honestly, the scuba diving was completely worth the price!


Stepped pyramid in Copan ruins, Honduras,

A stepped pyramid at Copan


Honduras Trip Budget Tips


Stick to local street food. Baleadas are cheap, tasty, and everywhere!


Local chicken buses may be uncomfortable and take longer, but they cost a fraction of the price of tourist shuttles. Click here for a comparison.


Hitchhike, especially when local buses aren’t available.


Do take taxis when you need them. The cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula in particular are very unsafe to walk around at night. Agree on the price beforehand, and be prepared to bargain.


Although scuba diving added a large amount to our overall Honduras trip budget, this is one of the cheapest countries in the world to get a scuba diving qualification. So if you’re going to splurge on a course, do it here!



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