Planning Your First Trip to India? – Guest Post By Rohit from Trans India Travels

The following is a guest post written for Ailish in Wonderland by Rohit, from Trans India Travels.


Planning Your First Trip to India?

Here Are few Things You Should Know:

India is a mysterious land and may seem like a daunting trip to a person travelling there for the first time. A traveller’s concerns may range from the exotic food to the climate of the place. However, such concerns are misplaced if the trip is planned meticulously and is suited to the type of vacation the traveller seeks. Here are some tips to help a first time traveller:


Taj Mahal, by Simon, is licensed under CC0 1.0

1. Food and Water

One must be careful when it comes to food and water in India; tap water and unfiltered water should be avoided, bottled water should be consumed instead. Cold food items especially from shacks and roadside stalls should be avoided, particularly food products containing ice and cut fruit.

Indian food is extremely spicy, hence adequate caution must be taken in this regard. Vegetarian food should be preferred, although non-vegetarian food from restaurants and hotels is also safe. Certain states and cities in India are banned from serving non-vegetarian food and alcohol, so one must have a flexible palate.

2. Route and Schedule

A trip to India should be planned well, keeping in mind the climate and terrain. Travelling by road through rural areas at night should be avoided. Also, staying outdoors in the afternoon sun in the summer months is not advisable, as the heat can be overwhelming.

Public transport is crowded, and taxi services are are more comfortable way to travel within cities.

A route should be picked to suit the traveller’s specific interests. Here are some suggestions:

* Trekking- Himachal Pradesh

* Beaches- Goa

* Shopping- Delhi

* Nightlife- Mumbai

* And temples that are everywhere!

3. Attire

The climate in India (especially southern India) is warm and tropical, thus people in India tend to wear lighter fabrics like cotton. This fabric is best suited to the humid Indian climate.

Hill stations and the upper reaches of the Himalayas however require thicker clothing. India has a relatively conservative society hence one must be careful to be appropriately dressed and covered especially while visiting places of worship.

4. People

People in India are generally friendly and happy to help, but a first time traveller must be aware of the various tourist guides thronging virtually every airport and train station. Language may be a barrier in certain parts but maps and directions are fairly accurate and informative. India is a conservative society but the people are genial.

5. Safety

India is a vast country with an extremely large population; hence public places and especially ones of tourist interest are crowded for the better part of the day. One must be careful about their person and belongings in such instances.

A traveller must be especially careful about their safety at night and should avoid isolated areas, particularly in the later hours of the night. Travelling alone at night is not advised.

6. Places to Visit

India is a colourful country and every part of the country has a different flavour. Every state is different from the other and each is special in its own way. Certain places are a must visit, these include:

* The Backwaters of Kerala

* Pangong Lake in Ladakh

* The Taj Mahal

* Varanasi; and

* Kashmir

7. In the Traveller’s Bag

Certain items are essential to carry while travelling in India:

* Sunscreen

* Sunglasses

* Mosquito Repellant

* Hand Sanitiser

* Cap/ Hat

* Cash (not all places accept cards)

Thus, a first trip to India if planned well can be a wealth of experiences for a traveller. From the earthy forts of Rajasthan to the sun-kissed tea plantations of Darjeeling, and from the picturesque peaks of Kashmir to the unique beauty of Kanyakumari.

Author Bio:

Rohit is an avid traveller with a passion to discover new places, he continues to expand his travel experiences and sets them down in black and white on websites like Trans India Travels.

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  1. Chandigarh says:

    India is a too much vast South Asian country with diverse terrain, from the Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline. In India you can visit Agra, Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali, Shimla, Kerala, Goa etc..

  2. Deepak says:

    India is a mysterious land for first-time travelers. It should be planned well and, one must be careful about the climate, places to visit, safety and have required items in their bags.

  3. Kullu Manali says:

    A trip to India should be organized well, keeping in mind all the concern. It may range from the exotic food to the climate of the place. If it is planned well can be a wealth of experiences for a traveler.

  4. Thanks for this post, I have greet you dear.

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