Rumba in Havana: A Photostory

After a whirlwind introduction to one of my new favourite cities, we paid a visit to the colourful neighbourhood of Cayo Huesa, for a taste of rumba in Havana…


Rumba in Havana – A Brief Introduction

Rumba has its roots in both African and Spanish music and dance. It began in northern Cuba after the slave trade ended, when workers of African descent would gather in the streets and courtyards.

While “rumba” originally simply meant “party”, over time the term came to mean a specific style of music. This style is characterised by drumming, vocal improvisation, and, of course, energetic dancing.

Although rumba has spread and evolved into different musical styles and dances in various countries, the roots of all of these can be traced back to rumba in Havana.



Rumba in Havana – In Photos

Rumba in Havana


Rumba dancers perform in Havana’s Cayo Huesa



An onlooker watches the rumba performance in the sunshine



The colourful neighbourhood of Cayo Huesa


The performers change into costumes showcasing Rumba’s Afro Caribbean roots



Musicians perform using tumbadoras (conga drums)





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