China is tough. The cities are chaotic and dirty, ordering vegetarian food is a struggle, and getting around is totally confusing. But stick with it and you’ll find beautiful views, a one-of-a-kind culture, and crazy adventures.

Here’s a complete list of blog entries, tips, and guides for China:


Trying to Love Beijing

It was hate at first sight for me and Beijing. But over time, it grew on me… kind of…

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Conquering the Great Wall at Mutianyu

Climbing the Great Wall is easy. Getting there- not so much…

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The View from Mt Emei

Tackling the trek up Mt Emei, to be greeted by the view…

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Jiuzhaigou in Photos

Pictures of the incredible blue lakes, mountains and waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou…

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The Avatar Mountains of Zhangjiejia, China

The incredible mountains that inspired the landscape of Avatar (allegedly), plus some tips on how to visit here independently…

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Independent Travel Tips: China

Travelling independently in China is difficult, but not impossible. Here’s some tips…

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Trip Budget: China and Hong Kong

China stretched the budget more than I thought it would, but thankfully still didn’t break it. Hong Kong on the other hand… 

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A Veggie In… China

Being a vegetarian in China is not an easy task. Here are some tips to help you find that veggie meal…

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