Home stays in gers with wonderful people, making our way through incredible landscapes, and experiencing a region unlike anywhere else in the world. Simply put, Mongolia is one of the best countries I’ve been to, and a second trip here is a must!

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Taking a Break in Terelj National Park

Our weekend escape from UB to Terelj, for mountain treks, ger stays, and a ride on runaway horses…

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A Veggie In… Mongolia

Meat is the staple food in Mongolia, which makes being a vegetarian crazy difficult. Here’s some tips to make sure you get your veggie meal…

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How To Get From Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

Crossing the border using a combination of bus, taxi, and train, is surprisingly simple once you know how! So here’s how…

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How To Get a Chinese Visa in Mongolia

Information on getting a Chinese visa is confusing and constantly changing, so here’s the most up-to-date information…

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Independent Travel Tips: Mongolia

Many visitors to Mongolia feel that they have to go by tour. But travelling independently here is not only possible, but in my opinion, way more fun! Read on for some tips…

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The Highs and Lows of a Gobi Tour

A tour of the Gobi has its ups and downs. Here are the highs and lows that we experienced here…

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Trip Budget: Mongolia

Some practical advice about costs for an independent Mongolia trip…

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UB40Hrs: A Hellish Journey from Khovd to Ulaanbaatar

Never again…

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Photos of Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival

My photos of the Golden Eagle Festival have been published by the New York Post! 

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My Journey Through Mongolia

Read my full Mongolia itinerary on Stride Travel’s blog. And, while you’re there, why not plan your own adventure in Mongolia! 

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