The Surreal Land of Jiuzhaigou: Photos and Travel Tips

Jiuzhaigou defies imagination. Snow covered mountains, autumnal coloured woodland, and lakes of the bluest water on earth. I won’t try to describe it further in words, instead, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Jiuzhaigou (4 of 120)

The reflections here are crystal clear


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Seriously, this isn’t an upside down photo- it’s a reflection


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I don’t know how or why the water is this colour, but it looks amazing


Jiuzhaigou (25 of 120)

We lucked out with a clear, blue sky. Visitors the following day weren’t so lucky.


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Adam couldn’t resist doing a “contemplating life” pose


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Jiuzhaigou is also home to some creepy-looking drowned forests


Jiuzhaigou (56 of 120)

These were the bluest lakes I’ve ever seen


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A popular attraction in national parks in China is dressing up to pose for photos


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There’s no chance to stroll off the beaten path, but at least the beaten path gets you up close to all the sights!


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The waterfalls were just as beautiful as the lakes


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Looks photoshopped, I know


Jiuzhaigou (80 of 120)

Some little pockets of snow could be found here and there (it’s mid-November, so it’ll get far colder soon)


Jiuzhaigou (92 of 120)

A day was just about long enough to walk around the park, but I’d happily go there again tomorrow


Jiuzhaigou (106 of 120)

Tibetan influences can be seen throughout Jiuzhaigou


Jiuzhaigou (111 of 120)

We got a bit addicted to slow-shutter motion-blur waterfall shots!


Here’s some tips for visiting Jiuzhaigou park:

Most visitors come by nine hour bus from Chengdu (roughly ¥250 return, leaving around 8am). From the bus station, it’s best to take a taxi (¥10) or walk the 1.5km to the village of Pengfeng, at the park entrance, and stay the night here.


The park is open from 8am to 5pm. The entrance fee costs a massive ¥220. This is reduced to ¥80 in the low season (starting 16th of November), though some sections of the park are closed during this time.


You must also buy a ticket for the hop on/ hop off bus system that runs throughout the park (¥80).


If you want to come back for a second day, you can buy an additional ticket at a discounted price (the park can be seen within a day, though we did feel a little rushed towards the end).


The road forks in two directions, and the right fork is more impressive. Choose a fork, and take a bus to the furthest point (on the left fork this is Long Lake, and on the right fork this is Primitive Forest, or Arrow Bamboo Lake in the low season when the forest is closed).


Make your way back either by walking along the plank road or by hopping on and off buses between sights (some walkways on the left fork are closed during the low season, so you must take a bus). The park is well signposted and the buses are very simple to navigate. Once you get back to Nuorlang, at the fork in the road, you can take a bus to the end of the other fork.


Be warned, the park gets very crowded, particularly in the morning at the far ends of the roads. Be prepared to battle your way through a crowd of slow walkers wielding selfie sticks.


One last tip- bring spare batteries and extra memory for your camera. You’re going to take a lot of photos.



Got any more tips for visiting Jiuzhaigou? Be sure to share them in the comments!

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  1. wow – looks fantastic!!

  2. I visited Jiuzhaigou a few years ago, in the summer, it was one of the most impressive and magical places I’ve ever been to! Great pictures!!

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